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3 Free Apps That Help You Manage Your Social Media Platforms and Grow Your Fan Base

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Article published on Audio Issues Blog

As artists, producers, or engineers, we’ve had to reinvent ourselves during the seemingly never-ending pandemic! We moved from a world where live shows and music festivals were the fastest-growing part of our industry, to a really different reality when online presence is now everything.

In the past year and a half, everyone in the music industry has had to build their online presence in order to cope with the lack of visibility we have in the “real world”.

Social media management can become really overwhelming for many people, that’s why I’m showing you three useful apps that will help you manage your social media platforms like a boss!


I’m probably not teaching you anything if I tell you that social media platforms are all about image! So, if you want your content to do his work and bring you the attention and the followers you want, it has to be aesthetic!

Lightroom is an app from the well-known software company Adobe. Luckily, for us, the mobile version is free and offers a ton of options!

From editing, to tone adjustment, lightning, etc. you’ll find all you need.

You can then easily retouch your pictures and make them as good-looking as needed to really make the most out of your content.


It’s a good thing to have great-looking content, now we need to make sure our followers will interact with it. How to do that?

First thing first, you will need to know your followers.

Followers Reports is an app that helps you track the habits of your Instagram followers and also provides you useful insights on your profile:

  • Who interacts the most with you?

  • What type of post is the most popular?

  • What hashtags bring you the most views?

All that information will help you know your fans better and make sure to share content that resonates with them. Like this, you can gain engagement and grow your fan base organically!

The app is free and there is a paid version for more features for a small 4.99$/ month.

Facebook had its equivalent with Facebook Analytics, but they will shortly shut it down and Facebook now invites you to use Facebook Business Suite to have insight on your posts and followers.

The thing with Business Suite is that a lot of bugs were recently reported and in the past year, the app has been redesigned many times, which confused a lot of its users. Hopefully, they’ll find the right recipe soon and the app will be more reliable for us to use.

If you don’t have the time to wait and have a small budget for it, I highly recommend Dashthis! They offer you a free trial and they have a really complete set of insights for your social media platform, but they also cover Google Analytics and website analytics too!


In order to grow your fan base organically, most of the social media experts recommend that you post around one post every single day…

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have the time or the interest to post meaningful, interesting content every single day!

So what are we supposed to do then? The answer is to have a plan! A social media plan.

Instead of asking yourself every day what could you post and ending up being uninspired or overwhelmed and posting the first thing that comes to your mind, have content ready in advance and program it so that it will post on its own when you want it.

For example, you can schedule a photo shoot and take that opportunity to make different kinds of pictures (pictures of you, of your gear, of your studio… or anything that is relevant to you and interesting for your fans).

You can then edit them and start the programming!

Creator Studio is an app made by Facebook that lets creators and publishers manage posts, insights, and messages from all of your Facebook and Instagram pages and in one place.

You can program your post in advance and then enjoy your time without worrying about your social presence anymore.


Social media management can seem like a full-time job in itself and can consume a lot of time and sometimes money if you really want a fast-growing fan base.

With the apps I presented above, you can make sure to have a decent presence all year long with minimum investment.

You can then focus on your craft or just enjoy a walk outside without your phone!

Then, you can invest a bit more time into spontaneous content whenever you can, without feeling the urge to do it every day, because you know that you have your own back.

I hope this helps you out!

Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with me to share your social media tips, I am genuinely interested in knowing what you use to manage your accounts. :)


LOF is a music producer and audio engineer based in Montreal, Canada.

She works from her own studio located on the island and also as a Front-of-house (FOH) engineer for live shows around the province.

In 2014, she completed a bachelor in Communication and Marketing and uses that knowledge as an extra value to help her clients navigate their way through the music business!

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

A girl playing the keys on a video set
Laura, Founder and Head Audio at LOF Audio

From her early beginnings as a passionate pianist to her evolution as a seasoned audio engineer, Laura's journey through the music industry has been rich and diverse. After earning her credentials from Recording Arts Canada (RAC) in 2018, she quickly found her footing in renowned studios, honing her craft across a wide spectrum of genres. Today, as the visionary behind LOF Audio, she continues to shape the sonic landscape, merging traditional nuances with contemporary sounds.

Dive into her articles to experience the confluence of music, nature, and psychoacoustics.

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