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Celebrating Multiple Awards Winning Documentary "Troubles"

Updated: Mar 1

LOF Audio is proud to have contributed - by  insuring the recording, mixing and mastering of the soundtrack - to the successful documentary series "Troubles," which received the prestigious Gémeaux award nomination for "Best original program or series produced for digital media: Documentary."

Additionally, "Troubles" has also recently been attributed the Gold recognition in the health, news & journalism, and awareness & media categories of the Anthem awards.

Produced by Radio-Canada as part of their youth initiative MAJ, "Troubles" tackles the complex and often misunderstood topic of eating disorders among teenagers. The series features real-life stories from Canadian youth at various stages of overcoming these challenges, providing valuable insights alongside loved ones and frontline health professionals.

At MAJ, Radio-Canada's news platform for kids and teens, the team set out to unpack the stigma and misinformation surrounding eating disorders among young people. "Troubles" was crafted with the goal of shedding light on the prevalence of eating disorders among youth and providing vital information such as causes, warning signs, and resources. Released during Eating Disorder Awareness week, the series has made a significant impact, reaching over 1,180,000 views and becoming the most-watched series in MAJ's history.

LOF Audio's contribution to "Troubles" ensured the series' soundtrack, handling recording, mixing, and mastering with meticulous care. Their dedication to excellence has helped amplify the impact of "Troubles" and contribute to its success.

In addition to its online presence, "Troubles" was broadcast on Radio-Canada's national news network, further extending its reach and impact. The series has been widely praised and shared by support groups such as ANEB Quebec, highlighting its relevance and importance in fostering awareness and understanding of eating disorders among teenagers.

As we celebrate the accolades received by "Troubles," including the Gold recognition in multiple categories of the Anthem awards, let us also acknowledge the collective effort of all involved in its creation. From the producers and directors to the courageous individuals who shared their stories, each has played a vital role in bringing this important narrative to life.

LOF Audio remains committed to using their talents for meaningful initiatives like "Troubles," underscoring their dedication to positive change through their work. As we look to the future, let us continue to support initiatives that promote empathy, understanding, and awareness of important societal issues like eating disorders among young people.

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